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CMB FX 250

CMB FX 250.jpg

Gas-operated CMB FX 250 Breakers have been designed for excavators with a capacity ranging from 18 to 26 ton.  

CMB Breakers can be used for a diverse range of operations including demolition of reinforced concrete structures, tunnel constructions, and underwater operations, as well as in challenging sites such as marble quarries, stone quarries, and open pits thanks to its exterior body with improved impact resistance.

Enclosed-type frame option is also available for operations in dusty, wet, and noisy site conditions. Main factors required to be taken into account when selecting a crusher include excavator weight and bearing capacity. Our highly knowledgeable and experienced staff will help you make the most suitable choice.

In addition to providing economic advantages with their short maintenance downtimes and low-cost, CMB Breakers also draw attention as the best choice based on price-performance criteria thanks to their high impact energy and performance.

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