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Coşkun Makina was founded by Coşkun Kahraman in 1997 in Istanbul with the experience from 1980’s. Coşkun Makina; started its operation by providing spare parts, sales and technical service support to the world-famous breaker brands such as Rammer, DNB, Daemo, expanded its operation field with high level experience and high knowledge capacity in a short time.

Coşkun Makina, increasing the production quality and capacity day by day, received Turkey distribution of MSB hydraulic rock breakers by establishing Kayakıranlar İş Makinaları in 2005. With this agreement, Coşkun Makina, started to  R&D works in order to create its own brand  by developing the latest technologies with its own knowledge and experience, created CMB ( Choice of the Master Breakers ) hydraulic rock breakers brand in 2010.

 Coşkun Makina analyzed the deficiencies of the sector while creating its own brand and became one of the most desired brands in a short time.

The reason of this great success is Coşkun Makina’s management mentality which is based on customer focused thought, great productivity and quality.

While Coşkun Makina is serving high quality and dynamic technical support to its customers with its educated, experienced stuff; in the meantime, it aimed raising  the value of hydraulic rock breaker production not only in Turkey, but also in global scale with CMB brand.



In the sectors that we’re operating, meeting the expectations of  its customers by being respectful to the individuals and the society, bonded to the economic and moral principles, also being sensitive to health and security.



  • Being one of the leaders of the world’s hydraulic rock breakers manufacturer brand in the sector,

  • Providing the permanence by being the first choice of the customer with service and product quality,

  • Creating employment in our country by providing continuous and systematic development and contributing to Turkish economy.


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